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Our Features

Nature All Around You

Fresh air, singing birds during the day and peaceful silence during the night. Let your life surrounds by the nature.

Readily available Parking Place

Unit driveways are outfited with more than enough space for friends and family to park comfortably in your driveway.

You Are Safe. 24/7 Security

Safety and security are one of the first things that attract people to living in a gated community. Extra Privacy. A Sense of Community. Integrated Lifestyle.

Beautifully Gated
Modern Community Compound

We understand your privacy. Every person should have his own space where he can live his own private live. Even the smallest homes are big and spacious enough to feel comfortable. As well as comfortable parking for your cars.

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Spectacular Views

Start your day by enjoying the unforgettable view from your home. Open the window and smell the fresh air of the pure nature.

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Plenty of Room For You
And Your Entire Family

Every person should have his/her own space where he can host and bring family and friends together. Even the smallest homes are big and spacious enough to fit all.

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GD Property Management Limited

Phone: (868) 762 4662
Available: 9am - 5pm

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